Monday, May 2, 2011

Hot pink & blue

My husband just finished building my new computer, which I am super excited about.  It is in a pink case (!) with lots of blue glowing parts inside.  I wanted to show off both colors, so I took the picture in a dark room on a long shutter speed with a small aperture, and then used a small flashlight to paint some light around the case.  I would have liked the pink to pop out a bit more, but I had to block the beam of the flashlight from hitting the clear plastic (and very reflective) side of the CPU, and didn't get it quite evenly lit.

Cory tells me the machine is very quiet, but with two ear infections, everything is currently very quiet, so I will have to wait and see hear for myself once that clears up.

Nikon D90
Nikor 18-105mm f3.5-5.6
18mm - ISO 200
30s- f/22

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  1. Funny. He and I were just talking about making the wire management prettier tonight, alas, it became a subject to quickly! Enjoy your new computer and it's sweet silent SSD drives. Here's to faster RAW editing!