Monday, May 23, 2011

First harvest

Here is the first harvest from my strawberry plant, which is trying to take over my front yard.  It jumped out of a tiny pot that I had on my porch, and by its third year of life, it is now about 10 square feet in size.  (The part left in the pot died within a few months.)  I used my handy little flash-mounted softbox to take this.  It is actually a little loose, so when I angled the flash forward at a 90-degree angle, the softbox actually flopped down so the light was coming down from overhead, which I really liked.  I kept the aperture pretty low, so that combined with the softbox angle created a pretty dramatic light fall-off.  I missed perfect focus on the front berry by just a hair.  Prime lenses can be tricky to focus perfectly.

Canon 5D Mark II
Canon 50mm f1.4
50mm - ISO 125
1/200s- f/2.5

Canon 580EXII
1/164 power
17mm zoom
Flash on camera 90-degree angle
Shot through flash-mounted softbox

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