Friday, February 25, 2011

That Lifetime movie look

Sick again today, and I wanted to see if I could get the camera to see the world as I do right now.  You know, all kind of blurry and bleary?  I think there is a scene that looks like this in almost every Lifetime movie, when the only daughter of the single mom goes off to college and immediately becomes an alcoholic.  Not to make light of underage drinking.  Kids, don't drink.  Get a hobby instead.  Try photography!

This shot just required a couple of layers of Saran Wrap over my camera filter.  I hear that in movies they used to smear Vaseline all over the lens to get a similar effect.  Sounds a bit messy to me.

Canon 5D Mark II
105mm - ISO 640
1/8s- f/4


  1. Those coins don't look a day past 16!

    On the other hand, I know where my lunch money ended up.