Saturday, February 12, 2011

Into the blue (agave)

Hmm, there seem to be a lot of alcohol or alcohol-related pictures this week.  I think my stress receptors might have been on overload.  Hopefully next week's pictures will be more family-friendly.

I'm afraid I am getting spoiled by the magical powers of the image sensor on the 5D Mark II that I use some of the time, because I took today's shot with my D90, and had to bring up some of the color in post.  The 90 did its best, but in some pictures, especially those in low light situations, the 33% smaller image sensor really shows.

This is an example of how a clean background can help focus the eye on the subject at hand.  I didn't notice at the time how much reflection I was getting on the margarita shaker.  In hindsight I would remove the colorful objects from that part of the table and eliminate that distraction.

Nikon D90
66mm - ISO 1000
1/15s- f/5.3

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  1. That looks like it might have been a tasty margarita. We might have to have one for lunch today.