Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Maybe if we had two suns

Today's shot never quite worked out for me.  My husband collects (or I collect for him) small airplanes of every type.  I was trying out a new flash tonight, and wanted to simulate an airplane flying away from a sunrise.  I put a blue gel on the flash to get the cool blue sky tones and bounced it off the wall to the camera right, and had a lamp in the bottom left corner of the frame serve as the rising sun.

The main problem is that I couldn't adequately light the part of the plane closest to the camera, so ended up adding an overhead light, which was pretty unrealistic.  Hence, the need for a second sun.  Although they say that may actually happen later this year...  I also didn't like the spillover from the flash onto the plane, as seen in the blue highlights. 

This will be a good shot to do over one of these days.  A better way to light the front would probably be with a second flash on very low power shot through a diffuser of some kind. 

The plane is hanging from a ceiling fan by some monofilament, which is easily removed in post.

Canon 5D Mark II
105mm - ISO 800
1/40s- f/4

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