Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The road ahead

The drive home from work was a bit tricky today.  Since I was the only one on the road, I snapped a quick picture of this bridge that I drive under every day.  A shout out to my KIA Sportage which got me up the hill on the other side without incident.  This bridge is always freaky to drive under when a train is rolling through.  My mind always conjures up these epic Michael Bay scenarios that have cars derailing and flipping over and over down the road straight at me.

Sorry, I forgot we aren't supposed to use the word "epic" in 2011.  Well, I've always been a bit behind the times.

Nothing fancy here, just a small aperture to get as much detail as possible on the blowing snow.

Canon 5D Mark II
135mm - ISO 1250
1/125s- f/5.6

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