Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pay Heed

Had a great time at the KU-OSU game tonight in glorious Allen Fieldhouse.  Even the view from the cheap seats is awesome.  One of my favorite moments is always the announcement of the starting lineups, when the air is electric, the noise is almost unbearable, and shreds of newspaper rain down in the student section.

You really have to click to enlarge this one.  I wanted as much detail as possible on everything, so I shot at a high ISO and small aperture.  You can always tell a small aperture when lights become starry.  I also wanted to be able to stop the action on the newspaper confetti, so I still needed some shutter speed.  Fortunately, at 2000 ISO, I could still get 1/30.  The 5D is so good it feels almost criminal, sometimes.  Not to mention disloyal to my trusty D90.  But capturing memories like this can soothe the conscience in a hurry...

Canon 5D Mark II
24mm - ISO 2000
1/30s- f/11

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