Monday, April 4, 2011

A lion abduction

My mom took my sisters and I to Gage Park all the time when we were kids.  I don't actually remember playing on this particular toy, but from the looks of it, it might be old enough.  I wanted to take the flash off-camera and do some freehand lighting, for the whole bright white overhead spotlight alien-abduction shot.  So, I needed a shutter speed long enough to allow me to hit the shutter button and then get in position directly above the creature to fire the flash using the manual fire button before the shutter closed. 

But, I didn't want the shutter open so long that the ambient light from the streetlights and building lights would interfere.  The 1 sec. exposure allowed me to get into position, but didn't do enough to solve the second problem of ambient interference.  In retrospect, I should have decreased my ISO so I could keep the same long shutter but decrease the ambient light in the background to nearly nothing.  But, I was getting chilly and decided to call it good.  

There are times when you don't want to gel the flash (see yesterday's post), to get a certain effect.  That is what I was going for this time - I just didn't take it far enough. 

Canon 5D Mark II
75mm - ISO 800
1s- f/7.1

Canon 580EXII
14mm zoom @ 1/164 power
Fired approximately 3' above subject at a slight angle down towards the lion

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