Monday, April 25, 2011


Today's picture is of a beautiful antique cash register.  I love the color and the keys.  Please see the special extra bonus shot at the bottom - my first intentional macro shot.  I have had this cheap 70-300 lens for years now, and just figured out how to use the macro function this weekend courtesy of my friend Wyatt Johnston.

Canon 5D Mark II
Promaster 70-300 1:4-5.6
70mm - ISO 320
1/60s- f/4

Canon 580EXII
14mm zoom @ 1/16 power
Flash on camera, bounced straight up to ceiling


 Canon 5D Mark II
Promaster 70-300 1:4-5.6
180mm - ISO 320
1/200s- f/6.3

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  1. That is so well preserved. Really nice! Where did you come upon it?