Sunday, April 10, 2011

Just a ride in the park

Spring is finally here, even though today actually felt like summer.  I was trying to shoot the spring bulbs and flowering trees in the blazing sun at Gage Park, when the little kid's train came around the corner.  I haven't shot with my Nikon for several weeks, and after fumbling around with my settings I gave up and shot this way too hot.  So, I had to bring down the exposure a bit in my trusty RAW software.  You can tell because the whole feel of the picture is a bit blown out, but the colors are saturated - these are the kinds of things that happen with less-than-perfect camera settings.  Some things you can save and still look natural, and others you can't.

But, it was really sweet of the conductor to wave at me, so I decided to go with this shot, despite its imperfections.

Thanks to everyone for hanging with me for the past 100 days.  It has been a blast, and I hope the next 100 are even better.

Nikon D90
50mm - ISO 400
1/2000s- f/5.6

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