Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mile High Sky(line)

For our last night in Denver, we stopped off at the Auraria Campus parking garage to catch the east side of the downtown skyline.  I tried different combinations of aperture and shutter speed, and ended up liking the picture with a wider aperture (f4) than I normally go for on these types of shots.  I am a big fan of tight apertures in these situations, which turn lights into twinkling stars.  But, those apertures correspond to slow shutter speeds, and the wind was super strong tonight.  This had the effect of "blowing" the light from even stationary objects around - which I know doesn't make sense, but that is what showed up in my shots. 

Canon 5D Mark II
28mm - ISO 640
2s- f/4

(Photoshop confession:  I did edit out a distracting ball field in the foreground.  I normally try to limit myself to color tweaks for this blog, but couldn't resist on this one.)