Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Midnight snack

I'm not sure which part of today's shoot was the hardest, pouring the milk while taking the shot (and putting it back in the jug, mopping up the puddles and trying again when I poured too fast the first time), or keeping the dog from eating the cookies. 

I shot this in a dark room, with the only light being a flash pointed at the wall about four feet away on camera left. 

To me, it looked like the light of a refrigerator door left just slightly ajar so one wouldn't wake the whole house while sneaking some Girl Scout cookies.  Not that I would know what that looks like in real life...

My only regret is cutting off the cookies on the right side.  Part of the hazards of shooting in the dark, I guess!

Nikon D90
50mm - ISO 200
1/125s- f/2

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