Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Both sheep and shepherd

We adopted a kitten last year who had a broken femoral head, which required surgery before we could bring him home.  That in turn necessitated a longish recovery time, during which time we needed to keep him safe from our large, curious Labrador.  So, the kitten lived in the dog's (huge) Pet Porter for a few months while he healed.  To keep him from getting lonely, we bought him a stuffed lamb to cuddle with.  That poor lamb spent many months being tackled, gnawed on, sucked on, covered in kitty litter, and survived a few trips through the washing machine and dryer along the way.  Amazingly, he made it through with eyes and ears intact, although the stitching on his nose is a bit worse for wear.

Sadly for the lamb, the kitten grew up and doesn't want to play anymore, so the lamb sits on top of a shelf overlooking the kitten's favorite sleeping spot.

Canon 5D Mark II
105mm - ISO 2000
1/30s- f/4

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