Monday, March 7, 2011

Frogs and violent frosting

This shoot made me very happy.  It combines two of my favorite things; photography and dessert!  We had some cupcakes left over from my husband's birthday yesterday, and the violently red-frosted one was begging to be photographed. 

I really wanted the cupcake to be the star of the show, so I pulled the racks out of my oven and perched it on an upside-down black coffee mug on the open oven door and killed the kitchen lights.  The flash is set at camera left (cupcake right - ha!) just about 4" above the top of the cupcake and pointed up and back a bit towards the edge of the open oven.  The reflections from the metal on the oven are causing some nice diffused light on the back side of the cupcake, and the front is lit by the spillover from the bare flash.

And I think the frog is a St. Patrick's Day thing - I'm not sure.

Canon 5D Mark II
105mm - ISO 400
1/125s- f/4

Canon 580EXII
1/32 power

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