Tuesday, June 7, 2011


My husband and I bought Leatherman's recently.  His is ridiculously big and heavy, and mine is a more petite size.  We thought it would be fun to illustrate the difference between them.  They are sitting on a canvas panel, about 6" away from a background of the same material.  These panels come in really handy for photography because they are lightweight, sturdy, inexpensive and come in all kinds of sizes.  The flash is held slightly above the tools at camera left.  I spilled a ton of it onto the background to blow out the seam in the two panels, giving the impression that they are sitting in a huge white room.

You can see how much light reflected off of the bottom panel by the drastic color difference between each side of the grip on my knife.  The whole knife is actually the same dark blue.

Canon 5D Mark II
Canon 24-105mm f4
60mm - ISO 500
1/40s- f/4

Canon 580EXII
1/64 power
17mm zoom
1' to camera left and 6" above subject
Triggered by Pocket Wizard Plus II's

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