Thursday, January 27, 2011

Suspended animation

You never know what you are going to run into in the course of a day. Part of the fun of doing this blog so far  has been treating every day as a little adventure, always looking for the day's picture.  Sometimes my life can get into a rut, and it is always good when something new comes along that helps me see things a little bit differently.

Today I got to spend just about 10 minutes in a room with a bunch of cool toys that are just waiting to be played with (and will be soon, if my sources are correct).  My sister spent so much money when we were little on horrible Claw machines like this one.  I don't think she ever grabbed any prizes with that silly thing.  One of her favorite games is Monopoly, so I liked that you can see that one in the background.

I need to grab a polarizing filter for this lens, which would cut down on some of the reflections on the glass in the foreground around the Claw.  The filter blocks the light that causes the majority of reflections in glass. 

Our eyes have a innate ability to ignore these types of reflections, but the camera has no such capability.  Sometimes when you are shooting the picture, you might not even know the reflections are there until you look at your LCD. 

Polarizing filters also have some other cool effects, such as deepening a blue sky on a sunny day, which can improve your landscape shots.

Nikon D90
42mm - ISO 500 
1/13s- f/4.8

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