Saturday, January 22, 2011

(Not) America's Next Top Dog Model

Today I learned that dinnertime is not the best time to try to teach your dog to model.  I was trying to replicate a cool shot I saw in a dog food commercial that showed the dog bowl and dog muzzle from a direct overhead vantage point.  Alas, my dog did not want to lay his head down next to his bowl - he wanted to stick it in the bowl and have his dinner!  All I managed to get in the frame was an extremely reluctant paw.

I was happy with how beautiful and clear the food (and paw) showed up.  I used my SB-900 on camera bounced straight up.

Then I got an extremely sad face and gave up.

 Nikon D90
45mm - ISO 800 
1/60s- f/4.8

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